Open, honest and fair elections are essential to the survival of our Republic. Without this basic right, we are no longer protected by democratic process.

Currently, our election process has become compromised by interests in both major political parties. Instead of protecting our constitutional right to choose our own government, our politicians are blocking election transparency. This isn’t a partisan issue, this is about preserving our freedom or losing it forever.

From disenfranchised libertarians and Bernie supporters, to the left-leaning liberals and conservatives on the right, American citizens must put party politics aside and recognize what is at risk. By apathy, error or commission our political leaders, courts, justice system, bureaucrats, and establishment corporations are joining forces to rob us of an honest election. Together we are powerful and cannot be ignored. Divided, we will all lose.

The winner of an election must be determined by an honest, verifiable, and fair process, not a political charade. We must be able to verify and count ALL LEGAL VOTES.  Therefore, we collectively demand the following:

  1. If an election violates the existing laws, HAVA (enacted back in 2002, full text here) or State/EAC accuracy and process requirements it must be comprehensively audited. *Per HAVA, FISMA, and state EAC implementations, any election with one error in 125,000 ballots or 1 ballot position in 500,000 ballot positions is not a properly run election and cannot be legally certified.
  2. If an audit cannot determine voter intent, it cannot be used to determine a winner.
  3. It is criminal to certify any election that has critical failures or an error rate above the requirements as mandated in HAVA, FISMA and the State election laws under the EAC certifications.
  4. We demand that Governors and Secretary’s of State be recalled if they allowed an election to be certified with error rates that exceed 1 in 125,000 ballots (see HAVA standards mentioned above).
  5. Audits must be performed by competent 3rd-parties with effective observation by any party receiving more than 2% of the vote in any jurisdiction. This includes all records, required processes, legal ballots, security envelopes, tallies and equipment. The audit must be of sufficient size to unequivocally prove the intent of the people.
  6. Whenever voter intent is unable to be determined without any doubt, the state and local election results should be thrown out.
  7. For Presidential/Vice-presidential elections, either existing constitutional provisions should be used when the audit cannot determine voter intent or the Constitution should be amended immediately to allow a revote within 120 days, leaving the existing administration in place pending such election.

We the people demand a nationwide election audit and permanent change now! We cannot accept anything less.

Forget the RNC and DNC—we the people must fix this! We seek to make this the law in our country and in all 50 states. We are starting a national drive for amendments, direct initiatives and legislation in all fifty states. We need volunteers, lawyers, logistic, support and donations to get this done, now.

We need petitions seeking redress, state and federal constitutional amendments and changes of law in EVERY state, now. We need volunteers, lawyers, logistics support and donations to get this done in every state.

We need help in all phases of getting this done NOW, and it MUST BE TALORED TO EACH STATE. Click to help:

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